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Planet Obuća, the largest Croatian shoe retail center features the widest selection of seasonal footwear, premium leather products and school programs. With its own manufacturing and distribution of footwear, trough its wholesale and retail centers, Planet Obuća successfully operates for the past 20 years. During this period, Planet Obuća has become a must for millions of satisfied customers, not only in Croatia and Bosnia but also in the region.

Today, Planet Obuća in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina has 113 shops and over 500 employees, with the largest retail center located in Zagreb on Slavonska Avenue 19a sized 2900 m2.

Center called "Planet Obuća" has the widest selection of seasonal footwear and assortment and also operates in several hundred square meters, while the smaller salons under the name "Svijet Obuće" and "Planika" are more specialized.

Building its own distributive-storage center with an area size of 11,500 m2, "Planet Obuća" brought together all of its activities and ensured quality and efficiency of product placement in the wholesale market and its centers in the region.

Besides carefully developed brands for women, children, men and leather assortments, a wide selection of world famous manufactures of footwear can also be found.

Modern, trendy footwear of superior design, affordablle product prices and friendly stuff are the main characteristics of all stores.

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Naziv projekta: Izgradnja fotonaponske elektrane NINA COMMERCE ZAGREB 1 za vlastite potrebe

Operativni program: Konkurentnost i kohezija 2014-2020

Dana 01.06.2018. tvrtka NINA COMMERCE d.o.o. započela s provedbom projekta izgradnje fotonaponske elektrane NINA COMMERCE ZAGREB 1 za vlastite potrebe. U okviru projekta je predviđena izgradnja fotonaponske elektrane NINA COMMERCE ZAGREB 1 za vlastitu potrošnju snage 205,6 kW, koja se sastoji od 834 modula snage 305 W. Izgradnjom fotonaponske elektrane smanjiti će se potrošnja električne energije iz konvencionalnih izvora, tako što će se energija za vlastite potrebe dobivati iz OIE.

Ciljevi i očekivani rezultati projekta: Potrošnja energije iz konvencionalnih izvora godišnje iznosi 571.844 kWh. Ukupna proizvodnja fotonaponske elektrane će iznositi 248.290 kWh. Ušteda u energiji iznositi će 43,42%, te će smanjenje CO2 iznositi 58,30 t. Udio obnovljive energije u ukupnoj energetskoj bilanci tvrtke NINA COMMERCE d.o.o. će iznositi 43,42%.

Ukupna vrijednost projekta: 1.976.823,00 HRK

Iznos koji sufinancira EU: 1.221.093,80 HRK

Razdoblje provedbe projekta: 01.06.2018. - 01.04.2021.

Kontakt osoba za više informacija: Tomislav Filipović, tomislav.filipovic.planetobuca@gmail.com, +385 98 322 507

Više informacija dostupno je na internetskoj stranici www.strukturnifondovi.hr i na https://strukturnifondovi.hr/eu-fondovi/esi-fondovi-2014-2020/op-konkurentnost-i-kohezija/

Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

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